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Office Manager

Michelle joined the Sandco Properties team in 2002.   She is known for being fair and up front with prospects, local agencies, vendors, contractors and residents. Michelle strives to make sure our properties are always above rental standards and maintained during the course of occupancy. She works hard to keep an open line of communication and a good relationship with vendors and sub-contractors to keep our residents well taken care of and happy.



Assisstant Property Manager

Is the office guru who: Runs applications, shows properties, creates leases, processes rents & requests, updates our mountains of required forms and in general keeps the office running. If you have a question, she can help you!



Our smiling receptionist will ALWAYS make you feel welcomed! She enjoys helping people, and always puts forth the maximum effort to help you find what you need, and navigate the application process with ease.

D&G Services

D&G Services


D&G Services have been keeping Sandco Property homes and apartments in great condition since 2010. And pride themselves on getting our resident requests done accurately and quickly. We trust them enough that if you need a drippy faucet fixed, and D&Gl notices a loose towel bar or running toilet, they will simply fix them on the spot, saving you from needing to make another appointment, and them a return trip. Sandco Properties residents that need a repair now click here.

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