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My rental history is not perfect, should I even bother to apply?

Your application is looked at individually and thoughtfully. We understand that sometimes life’s circumstances make it difficult to maintain good credit. We are more lenient than most property managers with first time renters and persons with a reasonable and provable reason for an eviction in their past (divorce, medical emergency, safety) or people with some bad credit – We usually require a cosigner, last months rent in advance or both in some instances, and will work with your rental assistance agency (DSHS, VA, SS, etc.) for funding these requirements. There are some situations we will not overlook: excessive damage done to home/apartment, more than a months rent owed, take or deal illegal drugs, convicted of certain felonies, have more than 1 eviction…).

I have good rental history, but my credit is bad - will you accept me?

Usually yes: we still need to verify your rental and credit history. We need to be sure your bad credit is not a direct result of your rental history (NSF Rent checks, excessive damages, skipping out on a lease, etc), that you are not currently having financial difficulties that will effect your ability to pay rent and utilities on time, and verify your good rental history.

I rent from my parents, is that considered rental history?
No. Renting from friends or family is neither good or bad. If this is the only rental history you have, you will be considered a first time renter.
I have only 6 months of rental history, is that enough?
No. We need at least 12 months of good rental history, anything less is treated as a first time renter.
I want to buy a home, but do not have enough money saved and/or do not have good enough credit. Can you help me?
Maybe, we occasionally have lease options (AKA rent to own homes) available, these usually require a $1000 to $3000 lease option fee. The lease option fee and a part of your first 12 months rent are applied towards the purchase price of the home, thereby forcing you to save up in a relatively painless manner while giving you the needed time to pay down any high debt and/or fix credit problems before having to apply for a mortgage. You also get the benefit of living in the home (trial run) and locking in the sales price for the lease term.
Do you have low income housing?

No, we are not a low income housing agency. We will work with your rental assistance agencies (as long as your application qualifies you). But we do not set the rent based on your income. We do have some homes that will meet the Section 8 housing requirements, please call, visit, or contact us for a list of available homes if you are a certificate or voucher holder.

How should I fill out the application if I have concerns about being qualified?

BE TRUTHFUL – if you have bad credit and/or have rental problems, explain them in detail (use a separate piece of paper if needed). If you lie or omit any problems, we will find out, and you will be denied – being truthful will at least result in our weighing your side and working with you to see you have problems that can be overcome.

I owe a landlord, what should I do?

Contact that person and make arrangements to get the debt paid off. We realize that sometimes problems are impossible to avoid, but we put a lot of stock into a person who has the integrity to pay off old debts.

Do you accept pets?

With a few exception, we do accept pets. It’s your choice to pay either a non-refundable pet fee(s) of $250 OR a $500 additional deposit per pet. Maximum of 3 pets allowed (number of pets allowed and/or types of pets may vary based on individual property criteria). Only pets with adult weights of 20 pounds or less will be considered at any Apartment, Town House, Duplex or Condo. Call for further info if you have pets that do not fall under these categories. Dog breeds like Pit-bulls or Rottweiler’s and other potentially dangerous animals are never allowed.

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