Sandco Properties, Inc. General Pet Policy

If pets are allowed at a specific property, Sandco Properties, Inc requires a $500 refundable pet deposit per pet. Pit-Bulls, Rottweilers or like breeds are never allowed. However, SERVICE ANIMALS will not be refused nor deposit charged if all requirements are met. See below for more information.

Sandco Properties, Inc. Service Animal Policy

The Federal Fair Housing Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Rehabilitation Act (Section 504), and the Washington State Law Against Discrimination all require that applicants and tenants with disabilities be provided with “reasonable accommodations” as needed in order for them to have an opportunity for full use and enjoyment of their housing. Allowing tenants and their guests who have disabilities to be accompanied by their service animals is a reasonable accommodation to housing policy and practice

Verification of disability and need for a service animal
The tenant must provide written verification that s/he has a disability and that the accommodation is necessary to give the tenant equal opportunity to use and enjoy the
community. The tenant should obtain a signed letter on professional letterhead from his or her own healthcare or mental health provider to the housing provider answering the
following questions:

  1. Is the person disabled as defined by the fair housing laws?
  2. In the healthcare provider’s professional opinion, does the person need the requested use of the service animal to have the same opportunity as a non-disabled person to use and enjoy the housing community?

Animal care and supervision
The tenant/handler has the responsibility to care for and supervise the animal. The tenant must retain full control of the animal at all times. This generally means that while the animal is in common areas, it is on a leash, in a carrier, or otherwise in the direct control of the animal owner/handler. When in the presence of others, the animal is expected to be well behaved, not jumping on or nipping at people, not snarling or barking.

You will be required to ensure that the service animal is in good health, free of internal and external parasites, and fully vaccinated against common diseases (i.e., for dogs – rabies, distemper and parvovirus) and wear a current rabies tag. You will need to provide Sandco Properties with the animals immunization records and the service animal is required to wear owner ID tags.

Clean-up is the sole responsibility of the owner/handler of the animal, you are required to scoop up feces immediately. Lessee and/or owner of the animal is responsible to repair any damages caused by a service animal.