ALL adults (deemed as 18 and older) that will be living on the property must complete an application and provide the following:

Application Fee of $40 per adult: The fee to process this application is non-refundable and pays for the expenses associated with screening each applicant.

Valid photo identification and written authorization: All adults must be able to present current photo identification such as a valid driver’s license, military ID card, state ID card or passport, etc… so that we can verify your identity. A copy of your ID will be placed on file should your application be accepted. You must authorize us to verify all information provided in your rental application from credit sources, credit agencies, current and prior landlords and employers, and personal references and allow us to run a criminal background check. Please inform your employer(s), landlord and other references to expect verification of the above information and request that they disclose relevant information to assist in the application process. If you’re employer(s), landlord(s) or other references refuse to disclose information; your application is subject to non-acceptance.

Application Process: All rental applications are evaluated in the same manner, and each adult applicant must voluntarily provide proof of identity, 1 years proof of sufficient, reliable monthly income: pay stubs, award letters, bank statements, etc… and complete the application for us to obtain a consumer credit report, criminal history & eviction check, references, etc…. Applicants acknowledge that the property remains available to other applicants during and throughout the time of the application process until a lease is fully executed.

Equal Opportunity: Applicants acknowledge that all applications are considered equally without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status.

Applications are processed on a First Come, First Serve basis. Applications are not considered as “received” until all adults have paid for and turned in a completed application with required supporting documents, see our Rental Criteria Page.