“My experience with Sandco has been a good one. I first met Glenda in 1995 at an open house along with 3 other clients. The house was beautiful, and the neighborhood perfect, but my credit was neither. I accepted the application and left my name and number anyway, knowing I wasn’t coming back. A week later I received a call from her asking why I hadn’t turned in my application. To make a long story short, she decided to rent to me based on my honesty and not my credit. It is now 2001 and I would not leave Sandco for anything! Their homes are beautiful, management great and I’ve never had an issue with maintenance in all my 6 years. Its no wonder I’ve recommended many of my friends and family to Sandco.”

~ Rae W.

“I first applied to Sandco Corporation in 1999. I was frustrated and angry because I had applied to many other places and been turned down because of my bad credit and that I needed DSHS to pay my first months rent and deposit. I explained to Glenda that my credit was bad, I had recently been thru a divorce and it had ruined my once good credit, I also told her that I needed DSHS to help me with my moving expenses, I expected to hear the usual denial speech, instead she focused on my rental history, which was good, and rented the house to me.”

~ S.M.

“My second family!!!!!
I have been with this company 2 1/2 years they are amazing ALL of them when I complain about anything they are on top of it. There new front Lady always has a smile and when you call on the phone you can feel her smile through the phone. I have never rented from a better company do not be afraid to rent from them I would send my family and friend without question here. Thank you so much for always having my back.”

~ H.S.

“This company is very easy to work with. The staff are friendly and are genuinely there to help you find a place to live. Although they have weird business hours they are quick to return phone calls the next business day. I did not have any problems with after-hours maintenance so I can’t vouch for them in that department. I’d definitely recommend renting from this company in the Tacoma Pierce County area.”

~ A.E.