The Law of Real Estate Agency

This pamphlet describes your legal rights in dealing with a real estate firm or broker. Please read it carefully before signing any documents.

Landlord–Tenant Law

Washington State has adopted the Landlord–Tenant Law (also known as “The Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act” or URLTA) to govern the rights and responsibilities of leasehold estates. Click the link to review these RCW’s.

City of Tacoma Rental Business License

The City of Tacoma requires landlords operating within the city limits of Tacoma to have a Rental Business License. This license needs to be renewed on a yearly basis, Sandco Properties, Inc can assist in renewal process if you list us on the original application as the mailing address. Information can be found at the link above.

City of Tacoma boundary map

City of Lakewood Yearly rental license and inspection lottery

The City of Lakewood also requires a yearly rental license and has a yearly lottery to randomly inspect rental properties. Information can be found at:

City of Lakewood boundary map